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Smart, practical and versatile, we’re proudly introducing the SOL EVPOWER charger, an exciting and unique addition to our Solplanet portfolio.

Featuring EV charger fleet management, load balancing and EV charge share, the SOL EVPOWER leads the drive to 100% renewable energy. Just like our Solplanet inverters, our SOL EVPOWER chargers are reliable, easy-to-install and easy-to-use.

Get the EV charger you can trust. The SOL EVPOWER series charger is coming to your region soon. To find out more information about our new generation of EV chargers, contact us.

Main Benefits

IP55 protection, suitable for outdoor use

RFID for user authentication Status

Status indication with LED light

Quick & easy-to-install
with standard tools

Compact & lightweight design with wall-mount

Set-up and monitoring with a user-friendly app

Key Features

Elegant & discrete

Our SOL EVPOWER series is designed to be compact (237x 343x 115 mm) and lightweight (3-6 kg).

IP55 protection for outdoor use.


Our single and three phase EV chargers, designed with an output from 7.4 kW to 22 kW, makes them ideal for residential and small commercial applications.


Comply to International quality standards,TÜV certified.
DC leakage current detection.

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