ASW 1-3K-S-S Series

Our compact single phase powerhouse

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ASW 1-3K-S-S Series

Small, powerful residential and commercial inverter

Meet the ASW 1-3K-S-S single-phase inverter series—your perfect partner for easy, efficient, and reliable solar energy. Designed to be compact and lightweight for easy installation, this inverter also operates quietly and efficiently, making it an ideal choice for both indoor and outdoor installations. With an IP65 water-resistant rating and minimal nighttime self-consumption, it ensures durability and reliable energy savings.

The ASW 1-3K-S-S series supports a broad DC input range and offers models with output power from 1000W to 3000W, catering to various residential and small business needs. Installation is a breeze with our innovative wall-mount system and tool-free SUNCLIX connections. Plus, stay connected and monitor your system effortlessly with our Wi-Fi dongle, 4G stick, or RS485 options. Discover how our ASW 1-3K-S-S series can power your home or business with efficient ease.

Main Benefits

IP65-rated design​ for reliable outdoor use

150% DC/AC ratio for more power

Discreet and whisper-quiet operation

Quick and easy installation using standard tools

Medium weight and compact with wall-mount SUNCLIX connection

Solplanet app makes commissioning and monitoring easy

Key Features

Safe and Reliable

Our ASW 1-3K-S-S2 Series inverters boast an IP65 rating, ensuring stable operation even in extreme conditions. These inverters feature an integrated DC switch and DC reverse polarity protection, eliminating potential safety hazards. With real-time residual current monitoring and anti-islanding protection, they provide long-term safe usage, prioritising the safety of your equipment and enhancing reliability. Ideal for both residential and commercial installations, the ASW 1-3K-S-S2 Series offers peace of mind and robust performance.

Outstanding Performance

Our ASW 1-3K-S-S2 Series inverters are perfect for versatile solar installations. With a DC input range of 80V to 580V and PV array power from 1500 to 4500 Wp, they adapt to various needs. Compact and powerful, these inverters offer AC output options from 1000W to 3000W, making them ideal for both homes and small businesses worldwide. Enjoy reliable and efficient solar power with our adaptable ASW 1-3K-S-S2 Series inverters.

Easy installation and operation

The ASW 1-3K-S-S series is a wall-mount system, designed for effortless installation with standard tools. Our ASW S-S series is both compact and lightweight, boasting a sleek design at just 6.5 kg. Enjoy peace and quiet with its low operating noise of less than 15 dB. With SUNCLIX DC connectors and plug-and-play Wi-Fi or 4G stick, monitoring your system is a breeze. Experience the ease and efficiency of solar with Solplanet.

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