The power of the sun
is the future of our planet

You can depend on Solplanet


You can depend on Solplanet

At Solplanet, we are driven by a simple idea: solar for everybody. We strive to create the best possible experience for distributors, installers and end users. That’s why our products are easy-to-install, reliable and user-friendly.

Solplanet photovoltaic inverters are manufactured in compliance with international high quality standards. Our annual production capacity exceeds 3GW. So, chances are we can meet your demand.

Solplanet is a brand of AISWEI, who has been manufacturing inverters since 2007. AISWEI, also formerly known as SMA’s Chinese subsidiary, has successfully been manufacturing high-quality and reliable products for renowned brands like SMA and Zeversolar. 

Today, AISWEI is an independent research, development and manufacturing company. A recent equity restructuring puts AISWEI on particularly strong financial footing within the industry.


3GW annual production



38 years inheritance of
inverter technology



110M+€ revenue in 2019



More than 200.000
inverters sold per year

The future is
solar for everybody

Solar is a clean and sustainable energy source. Solar is for everybody and at Solplanet we are working hard to make that happen.

Meet the Solplanet CEO
at SNEC 2020

makes things easy

Solplanet products are easy-to-install, reliable and user-friendly. We continue to make our products and applications quicker and easier to install, offering reliable long-lasting performance and making them user friendly for the best customer experience. At Solplanet we make things easy.


Products you can rely on: Easy-to-install,
reliable and user-friendly

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