SOL APOLLO EV Charger Series

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SOL APOLLO EV Charger Series

Revolutionary charging for electric vehicles

In the ethos of Solplanet, we place a profound emphasis on the significance of each conscientious decision in shaping an environmentally sustainable future. Enter the SOL APOLLO EV Charger series, a manifestation of our rich expertise spanning over 15 years in the PV industry. 

Thoughtfully curated, these smart EV Chargers exemplify meticulous craftsmanship, catering to both end-users and installers with a focus on optimizing the overall experience. Every detail has been scrutinized and refined to harmonize cutting-edge technology with user-friendly design, aligning with our commitment to providing sustainable solutions. As we forge ahead, Solplanet remains dedicated to contributing to a greener tomorrow through innovation, experience, and an unwavering commitment to environmental stewardship.

Main Benefits

Innovative design

• Elegant design with a robust and streamlined body
• By leveraging high-tech paint technology, the sleek and aesthetically pleasing EV charger blends perfectly with both your EV and home
• Replaceable front cover for convenient substitution and additional colour options

Easy to install

• Compact, lightweight and wall-mountable
• Easy to install with standard tools
• Toolless plug-in terminal blocks
• Quick set-up via the APP
• Cable entry on the front or rear of the housing


• TÜV IEC 61851-1 & CE compliant
• Integrated DC 6mA residual current protection.
• Built-in PEN fault detection without extra earth rods
• Type 2 socket with shutter (opt.)
• Dynamic load balancing (opt)


• IP65 enclosure suitable for outdoor use
• IK10 protection rating
• Exterior & interior covers for multiple protection
• 3 years standard warranty

Smart & Eco-friendly

• Standard wireless communication via WIFI / BLE.
4G (opt.)
• Intelligent Ai-Charging App for remote control
and monitoring
• Scheduled charging and off-peak charging modes
• Adjustable charging power (6A to 32A)
• Lock/unlock the charger via APP
• Solar charging under Solar PV & Eco Mode (opt.)


• RFID & NFC for user authentication
• Integrated NFC technology, unique authentication
via smartphone
• Cable Holster housing design
• Ergonomic plug handles
• LED status indicators
• Wireless firmware updates
• Automatic phase detection
• Dynamic load balancing

The SOL APOLLO EV Charger Series

Experience the future with Solplanet’s cutting-edge EV chargers, bringing the latest tech into your home. These chargers ensure a safe and intelligent electric vehicle charging experience, featuring a sleek and user-friendly design in either stylish Solplanet blue or classic black. With versatile functions tailored to various user scenarios, charging your electric vehicle has never been easier.

SOL APOLLO EV Charger Series

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