ASW 25-40K LT-G3 Series

The upgraded classic series three phase inverter

ASW 25K LT-G3 / ASW 27K LT-G3 / ASW 30K LT-G3 / ASW 33K LT-G3 / ASW 36K LT-G3 / ASW 40K LT-G3

ASW 25-40K LT-G3 Series

Upgraded classic, powerful high-yield inverter

Along with the innovation of larger size wafer-based PV modules, ASW 25-40K LT-G3 series three-phase inverters are developed perfectly compatible with 182/210mm wafer-based PV modules which
more and more widely being used in large-scale commercial, industry, and residential PV systems.

3 independent MPP trackers and up to 40A rated input current per MPPT, make it possible collocating
PV plant with more applicable choice of bifacial large area PV modules, and more flexibility in nearly
every situation. With extra high power density and lightweight, absolutely endow you with a new
experience of PV inverters.

A wide MPPT range with 150% oversizing of PV array ensures high energy
yield. Compact wall mounting with IP66 rated design concretes sustainable usability against most
environmental impacts. With a smart cloud-based monitoring app, it’s practical to keep tracking your
PV system wherever you are.

Main Benefits

IP66 rated design
for outdoor use

Max. 20A input current
per string, compatible
with 182/210mm wafer
based PV modules

3 MPPT’s for ultimate PV
plant design flexibility
and limits the effects of

Quick & easy-to-install
with standard tools

Built-in Type II surge
protection device both
DC & AC side

Easy commissioning & monitoring with cloud-based Aiswei apps

Key Features


Compliance with international quality and safety standards.​

Comprised of DC reverse polarity protection and AC sensitive residual-current monitoring function, focus on your safety of person and device as well.​

Built-in surge protection device (type II), protect your inverter against lightning threats.​

IP66 rated design with powder coating housing concrete sustainable usability against most environmental impacts.​


Rated up to 40A rated input current per MPPT possibly collocate PV plant with more applicable choice of high power bifacial and large area PV modules.​

3 independent MPP trackers and a wide MPP voltage range ensure optimal energy generation for high yields.​

Rated up to 40kW and capable of 150% oversizing of PV array, ensure high flexibility up to megawatt scale commercial and industrial PV system application.

Easy to install

Extra high power density and lightweight​

Equipped with Phoenix contact DC connector, ensure fast and easy installation with standard tools.​

Plug and play Wi-Fi and 4G sticks which allow easy monitoring of up to five inverters.​

Quick setup and easy commissioning with smart cloud-based ASWEI app, practical to keep tracking your PV plants wherever you are.​

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