Wi-Fi / 4G Stick

Connect our products to Wi-Fi and 4G

The Wi-Fi / 4G Stick

Connect and monitor

The Wi-Fi stick enables you to connect and monitor the selected inverters via the AISWEI cloud and App. Simply connect the Wi-Fi stick to the inverter, open up the AISWEI app and connect to internet.

Main Benefits

IP65 waterproof for outdoor use

Plug and play design,

Supports all mainstream WLAN& broadband networks

Monitor up to 5 devices per stick

Minimum 7 days of secure datastorage function

Automatic data upload once connection is  reestablished

Key Features


This small device (51 x 112 x 27 mm) is really ‘plug and play’. Plug it into our inverters, download our App and connect the inverter to internet.


The stick supports all mainstream WLAN& broadband cellular network protocols and can monitor up to 5 inverters per stick.


The stick has a minimum of 7 days secure data storage and automatically upload all data once connection is reestablished.

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