Commercial Installation

Transformative Polish solar energy project

ASW 25-40K ​ LT-G3 Series
Power of the PV system
Products used:
ASW 25-40K ​ LT-G3 Series
ASW 25-40K ​ LT-G3 Series
Three Phase Inverter

Commercial Solutions
  • Installation type: Commercial rooftop
  • Location: Wałbrzych, Poland
  • Product installed: ASW 40K-LT-G3 three phase inverter
  • Installer: RED-MEN
  • Total system power: 36 kWp

In Wałbrzych, Poland, surrounded by beautiful castles, the Wałbrzych Emergency Service decided to champion sustainability with a dynamic rooftop solar installation. Built in collaboration with RED-MEN, this project features a state-of-the-art Solplanet ASW 40K-LT-G3 three-phase inverter that delivers a total system power of 36 kWp. This solar installation illustrates the transformative potential of commercial solar energy projects and helps illuminate a path towards a greener, more sustainable future for Wałbrzych and beyond.



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