ASW 05-12kH-T2/T3-DG Series

Flexible power for
small installations

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ASW 05-12kH-T2/T3-DG Series

Innovative efficiency meets solar simplicity

Solplanet has a new product on the horizon. The ASW 05-12kH-T2/T3-DG series of compact wall-mounted hybrid inverters – a sleek and efficient solution for all your renewable energy needs.

The compact design mounts easily on any wall and ensures hassle-free installation with a minimal footprint, making it perfect for residential and commercial settings alike. With Phoenix connectors on PV side and tool-free installation, setting up your ASW 05-12kH-T2/T3-DG inverter system has never been simpler. And the IP66-rated enclosure means you can install these inverters even in harsh environments. 

Experience unparalleled efficiency with up to 150% PV array oversizing and a maximum 50A charging/discharging current to maximize your yields and support high-power bi-facial solar modules. Reliability is assured with UPS-level switching time under 10 milliseconds and remote shutdown capabilities. 

Also compatible with diesel generators and Ethernet communication, the ASW 05-12kH-T2/T3-DG inverters are the efficient and versatile solution needed to shift to a renewable energy source.

Main Benefits

100% unbalanced three phase AC output

IP66-rated design​ for
reliable outdoor use


UPS level switching time
in less than 10 ms

Max. 50A
charging/discharging current

Supports diesel

User-friendly monitoring
24/7 with Solplanet App

Quick and easy installation
using standard tools

ASW H-T2-DG series

2 independent

20A input current
per string

ASW H-T3-DG series

3 independent

16A input current
per string

Key Features


• Quick & easy-to-install with basic tools
• Compact wall mount design
• Simple battery and smart meter interfaces for quick and secure installation


• Up to 150 % PV array oversizing for higher yields
• 100% unbalanced three-phase AC output
• UPS level switching time < 10ms
• IP66 rated design for outdoor use
• DC SPD surge protection


• Max. 50A charging/discharging current
• Compatible with diesel generator
• Setup, commissioning and monitoring via Solplanet App
• Intelligent work mode and customisable battery management system for DOD /Time of Use/Power setting
• Max. 20 A input current for H-T2-DG and max. 16A input current for H-T3-DG series, ideal for bifacial and large PV modules

Connect and Monitor

App Store

Connect & monitor inverters by using our native mobile app from the Apple App Store

Google Play

Connect & monitor inverters by using our native mobile app from the Google Play Store

ASW H-T2/T3-DG + Ai-HB Series

Solar synergy

Our ASW H-T2/T3-DG Series inverters are a perfect match
for our high-voltage battery Ai-HB G2 series.

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