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Solplanet products
Inverters, batteries,
EV chargers

Easy-to-install, reliable and user-friendly

Our mission is to bring solar to everybody – by delivering the best possible experience for our distributors, installers, and end users through our award-winning Solplanet products




Fast installation with only simple tools

IP certified for outdoor use

Support for up to 150% DC/AC ratio

Award-winning and extremely lightweight

Extremely quiet at less than 15dB

Lightning-fast commissioning

Solplanet offers a huge variety of quality, industry-leading solar products that you can depend on to power your life. Our award-winning products – hybrid inverters, single phase inverters, three phase inverters, EV chargers, and connection and monitoring solutions – can help you to harness the power of the sun.

Energy Storage Solutions

Browse our assortment of hybrid inverters and energy storage options for small or large-scale solar systems. Choose the one you like and visit the Solplanet product page for more details and a full product brochure.

Single Phase Inverters

Explore our wide variety of single-phase inverters, specifically designed for residential solar installations. Click on the one that interests you to learn more and download the full product brochure.

Three Phase inverters

Explore our full range of powerful three-phase inverters for large residential, commercial, and industrial solar installations. Find the one that interests you and visit the Solplanet product page for more information and the full product brochure.

EV Chargers

Support your switch to an electric vehicle with a Solplanet smart EV charging solution. We have the charging stations you need to keep driving towards a greener future.

Connection and Monitoring

Our user-friendly connection and monitoring solutions will let you fine-tune the overall performance of your photovoltaic system, monitor and manage technical faults, and keep an eye on energy production levels.

Solplanet Monitoring App

We believe that photovoltaic installation monitoring is critical for revolutionizing global access to sustainable solar energy. Excellent installation monitoring means that solar power can be easily managed by anyone, without any expertise, right from any mobile or non-mobile device. 

The power generation and consumption monitoring features of our monitoring systems are available on both mobile applications for iOS and Android and via our web portal.