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Solplanet Warranty Coverage

A Solplanet warranty for a solar inverter is crucial because it provides you with financial protection and peace of mind. In the event of unforeseen malfunctions or defects, a warranty ensures that the repair or replacement costs are covered, sparing you from unexpected expenses. 

We offer end-users a standard warranty of up to 5 years without affecting the legal warranty provided by any wholesaler or retailer. The warranty can also be extended for up to 10 years.

If you experience any problems during the period of your warranty, please contact our customer support department to receive support from one of our Service Specialists. If necessary, our logistics network will deliver a replacement inverter directly to you.

Click here to find the contact information of your local customer support.

You can also go directly to the Online Claim Form.

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Validate the current warranty status of your inverter, connection, or monitoring device effortlessly using our user-friendly tool. Accessing this tool provides you with quick and convenient insights into the warranty coverage for your equipment, ensuring you stay informed about the protection and support available for your solar technology investment.