Technical Specification of PV Grid-connected Inverter (NB/T 32004-2018), Edited by SMA China, is Officially Published

Reporting from Suzhou, December 5, 2018: The first printing of NB/T 32004-2018 Technical specification of PV grid-connected inverter (hereinafter referred to as the “NB/T 32004-2018 Standard”), compiled by SMA China, was completed in October 2018, which means that the “NB/T 32004-2018 Standard” is officially published. On April 3, 2018, the State Energy Administration officially approved the publication of the Technical specification of PV grid-connected inverter NB/T32004-2018 in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Notice of the State Energy Administration on Printing and Distributing the Measures for the Administration of Industry Standardization in the Field of Energy (Trial Implementation) and the Detailed Rules for Implementation (GNJKJ〔2009〕No. 52). This edition will replace the NB/T 32004-2013 edition.

This revision mainly makes great adjustments to the structure of the standard, such as decomposing Chapter 7 “Structure and Performance Requirements” of the original standard into: Chapter 6, Safety Requirements, Chapter 7, Basic Functional Requirements, Chapter 8, Performance Requirements, and Chapter 9, Protection Requirements, which greatly increases the readability of the standard. At the same time, it also includes many new requirements to maintain power grid stability, such as voltage adaptability, frequency adaptability, fault ride-through and so on. 

“As an international photovoltaic inverter manufacturer with 37 years of inverter manufacturing experience, SMA welcomes such companies to participate in our standard setting and give advice. “Said Guo Yan, the director of China Electrical Equipment Industry Association – the centralized management unit of the standard. NB/T 32004 is an important industry standard in photovoltaic industry, which is one of the standards that grid-connected inverters must meet in domestic market, as well as the threshold stone to enter the domestic market. With the development of photovoltaic industry technology, its standard should also be continuously developed. The publication of “NB/T 32004-2018 standard” will bring more positive impact to our industry. 

“SMA’s rich practical experience and a large amount of data can be used as the support of preparing standard”, said Liao Xiaojun, vice president of product technology from SMA China, “SMA China is honored to participate in the preparation of NB/T 32004-2018 standard, it represents the industry recognition of our expertise and, of course, we are very happy to contribute to the high-quality development of the domestic photovoltaic industry.”