Solplanet partners up with Manitu Solar and NavitaSole, expanding to the Hungarian markets.

The renewable energy sector has been on constant expansion for the last 10 years, and Hungary has not been an exception, and with the current legal regulations the government incentivizes investment and has a clear plan to grow exponentially in the clean energy production, in compliance with the EU commitments, and the contemporary society’s needs towards sustainable models.

The National Energy Strategy 2030 with an outlook to 2040, published by the Ministry of Innovation and Technology (ITM) in January 2020, set very ambitious targets for expanding the installed capacity of renewable, mainly photovoltaic solar power plants in Hungary. Aiming to trigger the development of a stable and healthy credit portfolio for the financiers of the power sector.

According to the Strategy, expanding solar capacities are expected to take the lion’s share in meeting renewable targets. The Hungarian Government declared that they aim to have 3,000 MW of installed solar capacity in Hungary by 2022 and 6,000 MW by 2030. This should provide the Hungarian renewables sector with plenty of room to grow and will most likely attract significant investments into solar development.
We are excited to be part of this journey and proud to do so in partnership with a major Hungarian distributor: Manitu Solar and NavitaSole 
Manitu Solar is one of the market leaders in PV equipment distribution Both in Poland and Hungary, with young smaller companies expanding in the Eastern Europe area. Manitu Solar also a founding member of MANAP, the Hungarian PV Association (local member of EPIA)

NavitaSole mission is to give life solar energy to everyone. They distribute high quality solar products that are efficient and enjoyable to use. This includes products that can be used in homes and businesses.

At Solplanet, our mission is to bring solar for everybody, and what we love is to share knowledge and expertise, so we’ve created a direct support line for local installations in Hungary that both end users and installers will be able access directly.