AISWEI is now focused on European expansion, with its international brand – Solplanet.

After becoming a renowned brand in China, AISWEI is now focused on European expansion, with its international brand – Solplanet.  
With the European headquarter set up in Amsterdam, Solplanet is right in the heart of a well-established and still rapidly expanding solar market. From here we are able to serve our customers throughout Europe. In addition, a warehouse has been opened in the Netherlands, ensuring fast and efficient deliveries to all European customers.  

At the GENERA 2020 exhibition in Madrid, Solplanet, for the first time, presented in the European market. Visitors were enthusiastic about the design of both the inverters and the monitoring app, immediately recognizing good quality in line with EU and German standards. The Spanish market is booming again and Solplanet is entering the market at the right time. 

The results of our efforts within the European solar industry are rapidly becoming visible. Solplanet has set foot in the European solar market and the orders are continuously in. Customers are positively surprised by both the high service standards and competitive prices. 

In Poland, Solplanet is organizing trainings for installers. These have already begun and installers are impressed by the easy installation process and product quality. The inverters have been delivered to Alledo and products will be available for sale in Poland in June from our Polish distributor: Grodno SA.

Solplanet might be a new brand, but its history and experience go far back, as a former SMA China subsidiary which manufactured many solar inverter products including Zeversolar in China. Now AISWEI’s engineers are still working according to good quality standards in line with EU and German practice. This reflects on every part of the organization: technology, process and service.  

Our future is bright. We are ready to explore new markets and expand our horizon. 

Email: sales.nl@solplanet.net
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