Bankability of AISWEI Meets International Standard Reviewed by DNV

Shanghai, China — July 15, 2022 AISWEI, the holding company of Solplanet, announced it has recently received its awaited Inverter Technology Review Report from DNV, an independent energy expert and assurance provider. The report indicates that AISWEI’s PV inverters are manufactured in compliance with international standards and that the extensive compliance testing and successful regulatory certifications allow AISWEI’s inverters to be installed globally.
“DNV’s comprehensive report provides strong verification that AISWEI is well developed to deliver reliable inverters with excellent performance to meet customers’ needs worldwide,” said Dr. Yong Zhang, president of AISWEI. “With DNV’s report, our customers, installers, distributors, and other third parties will be more confident in our products. We will continuously implement the innovation-driven development strategy and provide our customers with more reliable inverters, smart EV chargers, and other solutions.”
The report is supported by DNV’s comprehensive assessment of AISWEI’s business development, technical evaluation, quality and reliability valuation, manufacturing management, and product support. It covers all aspects of AISWEI, including but not limited to product typology, technical specification, design for reliability, quality system evaluation, and product support system. DNV also visited AISWEI’s manufacturing base in Yangzhong, Jiangsu Province, China, to inspect the incoming materials, warehouse, inverter testing system, and packaging system.
According to the report, AISWEI’s inverters provide up to 98.3% peak conversion efficiency with a wide input operating window of 80 to 550/560 V for single-phase inverters and 125 V to 950 V for three-phase inverters. In addition, the wide operating voltage enables the customer to gain more yield and secure the IRR. The integrated wiring box eliminates the need for separate dc combiner boxes in the field, lowering the installed Balance of System costs.
When reviewing the quality and reliability foremost for the audience, DNV was impressed by AISWEI’s design for reliability. “Design for reliability is a demonstrated priority as evidenced by many internal and third-party validation tests including HALT. We view the guidelines and realization documents as valuable in the design process and appreciate the good document structure.” DNV stated in the report.
The report also indicates that AISWEI has been witnessing strong growth in recent years. Founded in 2009, AISWEI has developed into an independent development and manufacturing company, supplying AISWEI power conversion products to the marketplace. With the contribution of the new plant which will increase production to 25GW in 2023 along with rapid global market expansion, AISWEI will join hands with more people to tackle energy issues and better fulfill its commitment to “Solar for Everybody”.
AISWEI, formerly known as SMA’s China subsidiary, is a leading R&D and manufacturing company focusing on clean energy and delivers a broad portfolio of photovoltaic inverter products, EV chargers, and smart energy management systems. Founded in 2009, AISWEI headquarters is in Shanghai, China, and has R&D centers in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, Shanghai, and Xian, Shaanxi Province respectively, and a manufacturing base in Yangzhong, Jiangsu Province. With offices in Asia, Europe, America, Africa, and Oceania, AISWEI serves customers in many countries and regions across the globe.
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